Imagine That #782 

by Sue Hawkes

I love working with leadership teams.  

When I realize the privilege I have to create a safe space for them to be vulnerable, open, and honest about their challenges as they lead others, it’s truly humbling. 

To lead often means you compartmentalize your insecurities to open a space for others to have confidence in an unprecedented future. You catalyze people’s thinking and feelings into confidence for what’s not yet occurred. 

Sometimes, your humanity gets in the way. 

That’s where I come in.  

My joy is to remind people every day of what’s possible – because they said so. I remind them to stand in the future as if it’s already occurred, and to look back and invite others to join them.  

When you stand in a future you’ve not created yet, you recognize some of the thinking and behaviors that you’ll need at that time may not be the same as the thinking and behaviors you have now. This is the only way it works.  

Our reality is the result of what we habitually think and do. 

Imagine that.  

Sue HawkesImagine That #782