The Labyrinth #793 

by Sue Hawkes

My daughter Ali and I recently walked a labyrinth together. It was a moving experience. I’ve walked labyrinths before, yet this time was special. 

We both set our intentions before walking, I entered first and asked for a powerful lesson, one I couldn’t miss. Message received. 

I entered first, walking in a measured gate as I took in the views of the landscape and surroundings. She followed. When we entered the center, we added to the small cairns and I paused to reflect, pray and be present. 

Ali began her return and I followed. I became present to the footprints in the sand. She paused before exiting, releasing her intention, and completing her walk. I did the same within the path. 

As I observed the footprints, the lesson appeared.  

We entered and her footprints were inside and following mine. We exited and my footprints were inside and following hers. 

The journey of life and a metaphor for parenting, leading, aging, succeeding, and learning.  

Are you forging a path worth following?  

Sue HawkesThe Labyrinth #793