No To Mediocrity #796 

by Sue Hawkes

Today I felt defeated when I woke up.  

Looking at the war in the Ukraine, the unrest in our city, and a whole host of other situations in my life and work that feel mediocre. 

It’s not one thing, it’s many things.  

And the kinder, gentler world we seem to be emerging into feels like it slides into mediocrity cloaked in “life-work balance” clothing. (YESS, it seems putting life before work is permeating our world right now.) 

While we’ve gained many things, including perspective through the pandemic, it also appears to be sliding into an acceptance of “okay” or within MY terms is the staple diet for many. 

I’m challenged to reconcile this with our core values, specifically “relentless commitment to excellence.” 

Today, I feel challenged to lower the bar, give up, shrink my world or double down to those things in my control. 

It’s not easy to work in excellence, yet it’s worth it. 

Today, I will act my way to better thinking.  

Sue HawkesNo To Mediocrity #796