Commitment #799 

by Sue Hawkes

We’re reading a challenging book in our book study right now.  

Though we’re only two weeks into it, I’m lost. 

I’m realizing the author has an incredible command of the English language, which means I need a dictionary handy when reading. The more I look up the words, the more frustrated I become. 

Knowing I’m reading to learn and study with people I respect and admire keeps me going, however we are all at a loss for the meaning of the messages. 

I’m present to my reaction to the tone, what feels like superiority or intellectualization and a visceral reaction in my body while reading and discussing it. 

There’s something in this for me or I wouldn’t react as I am. 

I’ll stick with it, though it’s not in my comfort zone.  

Sometimes the best growth is in doing the work I don’t always enjoy. 

Commitment is the name of the game right now. 

Sue HawkesCommitment #799