80% To Goal #800 

by Sue Hawkes

Blog 800… YAY! 

For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a macro look and document what I’m learning through this process of writing 1,000 blogs. I took Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post and am grateful I did, I agree with him, the first 1,000 are the most difficult. 

In fact, I took this challenge because though I’m an author, I don’t always enjoy writing – especially every day. The discipline has been worthwhile and in fact I did it because I knew it would be difficult. 

What I’m learning: 

  1. My mood has been down recently. That changes the lens for my writing. 
  1. I’m okay writing about more personal things, and leading, teaching, pondering and offering my perspective. It varies and that’s okay.  
  1. Some days, it’s easier. With a war in the Ukraine, it’s not. 
  1. When my business is going well, it’s easier to write. 
  1. My clients provide infinite opportunities to learn and write. 
  1. When I’m taking care of myself and my health, it’s easier to write. 
  1. When my team isn’t performing well, it’s harder to write. 
  1. Reading fuels my imagination and learning which also impacts my writing. 
  1. I’m proud of committing and following through with this no. matter. what. 
  1. When I need ideas, I ask my family. They always have great ideas. Asking for help has expanded how I see things and makes it easier! Life lesson there. 😊 
Sue Hawkes80% To Goal #800