Happy Birthday Beautiful Friend #802 

by Sue Hawkes

Beautiful friend, you were amazing, wise, thoughtful, caring and made everyone around you feel seen.  

A force for good in this world and an amazing friend to all who had the pleasure of spending time with her. To know Mahtab was to be touched by significance. She created space for all, lived her word and had a wicked sense of humor with great timing for delivery. 

Every interaction began and ended with a hug. Not a token gesture, a meaningful connection embracing hearts until our next time together. 

Her ability to create beautiful images with words through her appreciation and presence to everyday beauty woke people up. It surely woke me up. 

She moved with grace through this brief time she had with us and left a great big imprint on our lives.  

On this day she was born, let us remember her impact and return the love she so abundantly shared with others.  

I am better for having known and loved her.  

Mahtab, thank you for blessing our lives, your memory is an eternal grace note and your legacy lives on. 

I miss you. 

Sue HawkesHappy Birthday Beautiful Friend #802