Grace Appears #807 

by Sue Hawkes

Travel has been difficult lately. I’ve been in the air quite heavily lately and to say it’s challenging is an understatement.  

Nothing on time, broken plane parts in abundance, lack of crew and staff. All of this leads to a domino effect for work and plans – sleep is often a tradeoff for the delays. 

It’s an inconvenience, nothing like a real problem.  

When I keep my perspective, I opt for distraction and opportunity. 

In this case, it led me to watch King Richard, which was a wonderful distraction and a fabulous movie on many levels. What a gift and a great way to pass time for the long delay. 

I was moved to tears at the end, appreciating the legacy of the Williams family.  

The flight attendant saw my tears and sweetly brought me a few tissues. She said she didn’t know if it was the movie or something else.  

This is a simple act, noticing a need and offering a gesture of being seen. 

Sometimes, when you’re present to the pause, grace appears.  

Sue HawkesGrace Appears #807