Keeping Promises #809 

by Sue Hawkes

Following through can feel like a lost art.  

It’s a small thing, yet so incredibly important. 

We all make casual comments with friends like: “let’s do this again”, or when we meet new people “let’s connect.” Often it doesn’t happen. Our lives are busy, our calendars fill with the events that catch our attention and fill a need, not a want. 

Organizations offer bigger promises regarding what’s included, what they value and who they stand with or what they stand for. Whether it’s the hype around a movie or restaurant as the next best thing or the action you’ll take to help someone, actions speak. 

When the picture doesn’t look like the website, the car isn’t as described, your dating profile doesn’t match the person who showed up or you simply say you’ll do something and don’t do it, you lose credibility. 

Every time we fail to follow through, a little bit of trust is broken.  

If you don’t have a long-standing relationship, that may end things.  

Think before you speak. People are paying attention whether you realize it or not. 

Sue HawkesKeeping Promises #809