Tired of Leading? Try This #816 

by Sue Hawkes

Recently, when doing a talk with a group of phenomenal female leaders we entered into a conversation about being tired of leading. The kind of tired when it feels like everyone depends on you from anything like answers to motivation, plate juggling and inspiration to boot. 

As we explored the conversation further, we all recognized there are times for all leaders when the surrounding circumstances and demands around you feel overwhelming. Yet all the women present felt the need to lead anyway. 

When they asked me how I did it, my answer was simple, but challenging for some. 

To be clear, it is when you can see the most desirable outcome, and don’t have the mojo, energy, chutzpah, or wherewithal to cause it to happen with herculean effort – one. more. time. You’ve already dug as deep as you can, and the well needs replenishment. 

What do you do? 

You lead from behind.  

You ask questions, and become Teflon to stories, reasons, excuses, justifications, explanations from others who could do it but will wait for you to do so – one. more. time. 

Perhaps this is leadership? Creating the circumstances and conditions for others to find meaning and purpose while digging deep themselves. 

Sue HawkesTired of Leading? Try This #816