Looking For a Problem to Solve? #817 

by Sue Hawkes

Are you a fixer? 

I am and have been. In my life I’ve looked at people, situations, teams, my work and my relationships as problems to be solved.  

Guess what?  

As long as that’s how I approach what’s happening, everything is a problem waiting to be solved. This is great for my ego, my identity, and sense of capability to believe I can solve, help, or change things others can’t.  

This is flawed thinking that feeds me and disempowers those I’m “helping” (because they need my help). 

As I entered into a conversation with a group of leaders recently, they talked about being “fixers.” 

My question to them rendered the room silent in that uncomfortable way that happens when people reconcile how they are thinking. 

I asked, “what if nothing is broken?” 

Sue HawkesLooking For a Problem to Solve? #817