No Secondary Audiences #820 

by Sue Hawkes

One of the challenges we’re facing is the return to work. 

Some businesses are already establishing their norms, others are wrestling with it. As I offered in a recent keynote, regardless of your approach, no audience can be secondary. 

We must be intentional about how we return, how we learn, lead, and connect. 

This means the majority of us need to consider how we navigate the combination of remote and in person gatherings related to our culture. 

Too often, there is disdain for one approach or the other. In person is no longer convenient and online is not connected – or some variation of those conversations. 

In reality, the majority of us will be somewhere in the middle. We must navigate the messy middle.  

How do we find the best of both worlds?  

This disruption offers the opportunity for all of us to excel and transform how we lead, learn and gather.  

Will you step back and elevate or regress to the way it was?  

Your choice. 

Sue HawkesNo Secondary Audiences #820