Approaching Problems with Curiosity #824 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m a committed Delta traveler. I ask my team to book Delta every time we can, and in fact we push back on other carriers. 

I’m a fan in a big way. 

Until this year. There have been delays.  

Many of them. 

Offhandedly, I mentioned this in a kind way to an attendant recently. 

Two days later, I received an email from the Head of Logistics.  

Long story short, she was the sister of the flight attendant. 

The two of them have gone above and beyond everything reasonable to ensure I know and understand what the delays are from – some weather, some passengers, some aircraft concerns. No patterns. 

I’ll be touring the tower soon with my new friend, the Head of Logistics. She’s an example to me of the best of a bad situation. She’s a devoted long term Delta employee who bleeds a great culture.  

When you approach problems with curiosity, good things happen.  

Sue HawkesApproaching Problems with Curiosity #824