Let Go to Grow #830 

by Sue Hawkes

Simplification is power. 

In our business, we’ve taken several runs at hiring a position and altered everything we could think of to do it well. It didn’t work. 

What we failed to do was realize perhaps we need a different position! We actually have the talent to do what we thought we needed and will need to imagine a bigger reality. 

It’s working. 

We talked through doing only those things we can. We put several initiatives on hold. We rescoped what we can do and let go of what we can’t. 

Work is flowing in, there’s an ease to what we’re doing, and new opportunities have emerged to offer what we’ve put on hold. 

It’s better. We’re better.  

Letting go is the opportunity to reassess what’s possible and do less better. 

Sue HawkesLet Go to Grow #830