Sitting With It #833 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m a problem solver. When faced with a challenge, my natural tendency is to do something about it ASAP. It’s uncomfortable to sit with a challenge and not DO something about it. 

I’ve conditioned myself to respond quickly and release the pressure of things not working or feel productive moving forward with progress of some sort. It’s in my DNA to do.  

And yet, it may not be the most productive or best answer if I spring into action always. 

Learning to sit with the discomfort offers an opportunity to become curious; to expand possibilities; to simplify; to sort; to evaluate. It doesn’t mean I am waiting or lagging, it does mean I am extending my perspective and considering a wider diameter of information.  

Depending on the situation, each approach offers wisdom and solutions. 

When you know your default setting, you can counterbalance your reaction and turn it into a response.  

How can I become curious when action is my default? 

Sue HawkesSitting With It #833