Surrendering #838 

by Sue Hawkes

The good news with age is a level of certainty when disruption is happening.  

Because I’ve weathered hard things and experienced the challenges that come with the pain of growth personally and professionally, I find I’m able to accept the pain with a grounded approach to weathering the turmoil. 

I have peace in my heart knowing I’ll get through whatever is occurring and will be better on the other side for it. I don’t have to dig in and make it happen, in fact, I need to let go and let things emerge. 

Knowing it all happens for a reason allows grace to flow through the process, even when it’s difficult. 

Perhaps this is the difference between surrendering to the flow and hanging onto a fixed idea of what should happen. 

Feeling the loosening of the grips of certainty allows me to open my mind and my heart to an even greater possibility.  

The gateway is open. 

Sue HawkesSurrendering #838