It’s About Time #845 

by Sue Hawkes

Work smarter, not harder. 

We’ve all heard the phrase and when we do so, it makes more sense than the cliché it’s become. 

In my journey to 1,000 blogs, some of the benefits have made me more efficient overall. An example is what time of day I write. 

In the morning, it’s my best and most creative time.  

My mind is clearest when I rise. Thoughts are flowing and ideas are abundant.  

My morning routine helps focus my mind and when I dedicate time to write early, it’s easy.  

When I wait, prioritizing other things, it becomes harder and when I meet the end of the day with writing, it’s often a challenge and takes double or triple the time to produce the same results. 

Knowing when and how you work best is key to maximizing your day.  

Prioritizing work when it works with your mind and body will free your thinking and lead to exponential outcomes. Freedom awaits when you create the structure and environment that works for you. 

As we move into this age of flexibility, are you paying attention to your natural energy flow? If not, begin. You’ll realize more benefit for yourself and your work. 

It’s about time. 

Sue HawkesIt’s About Time #845