85% To Goal #850 (Blog 850 of 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

Blog 850… the goal is in sight! 

For those of you playing along, I check in every 50 posts to take a wide-angle balcony look at my learning and progress with my goal of writing 1,000 blogs. I took Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post and am grateful I did. I agree with him, the first 1,000 are the most difficult. 

In fact, I took this challenge because though I’m an author, I don’t always enjoy writing – especially every day. The discipline has been worthwhile and in fact I did it because I knew it would be difficult. 

Someone came up to me at a conference recently and told me they read the blog every day. He shared how much that meant to him and asked me what I had learned while writing daily. I told him I was aware if I did this, I would prove to myself I could do anything consistently as it wasn’t a love when I began. 

I also was able to let him know I recapped every 50 blogs so I wouldn’t lose the lessons along the way with revisionist memory. When I do my next two reviews, I’ll do so while reviewing all my lessons prior. Thanks for playing along, I appreciate knowing you’re out there with me! 

What I’m learning: 

  1. People are reading this, and they tell me – I didn’t realize how many people or appreciate how much it mattered. Thanks for letting me know to everyone who’s done so. It’s motivating for me to know you’re with me. 
  1. I’ve transformed my relationship with writing in a positive way. I have it, it doesn’t have me anymore. 
  1. I’ve found the cadence and time of day it works best for me. Habits form when you learn over time and adjust the practice and don’t abandon the goal.  
  1. It’s easier to write when I’m learning from others as well – conferences, books, and deep dialogue. 
  1. My business is transforming along with my writing, both are evolving, getting simpler, and more focused.  
  1. Writing and journaling allow me to see my thoughts on paper. It’s easier to make effective change when I can see what I’m thinking. 
  1. Praise motivates while criticism stagnates. That’s true for everyone (including me). 
  1. Discipline is a superpower. 
  1. The goal seems completely within reach right now. 
  1. Growth requires movement and friction. It’s not easy and it hurts at times, but that’s where the learning is.  
Sue Hawkes85% To Goal #850 (Blog 850 of 1000)