The Splendor of Now #861 

by Sue Hawkes

When it comes to Spring, Lilacs win in my favorites category. 

Perhaps it’s because they are fragrant and blooming for about a week and then retreat to a regular bush? 

When they bloom, the blossoms take up the space around them like a superstar on the runway. They burst open with vibrant lavender and purple and command your attention as you walk by. 

What I love is that they own the space. 

Much like a human when they are vibrant and exhibiting their best self, they own it without overpowering the beauty of all around them. 

I wish the lilacs bloomed more often, I long for the scent that can’t be replicated. 

Perhaps it’s why I love them? 

There’s no taking that one week for granted. 

I recognize and appreciate the full splendor of what’s happening, right now. 


Sue HawkesThe Splendor of Now #861