The Open Space Between Plans #862 

by Sue Hawkes

Spontaneity. It’s underrated. 

When life is surprising, unexpected, and fun, we are present and alive. 

That event you couldn’t have planned turns out to be the one you experienced in full technicolor – see, feel, hear, touch and taste.  

Only the planners don’t always like that. 

You can’t script spontaneity. 

Like the day you’re on vacation and it’s Cinco de Mayo and the band arrives as you’re thinking you’ll leave, but you don’t. 10 hours later, covered in sweat, you finish your watered-down margarita after dancing having made 10 new friends after learning to salsa in an open courtyard. 

Or the day you had plans to get shit done around the house and decided to jump on the boat for a ride while playing 80s tunes, singing along and laughing till you cried.  

You can’t plan it all.  

Where will life take you in the open space between plans? 

Sue HawkesThe Open Space Between Plans #862