Don’t Ignore the Gift #872 

by Sue Hawkes

We all need something to look forward to. 

As a Minnesotan, let’s face it, our winters get long. One of the things my husband and I have done to interrupt what can feel like forever during the colder months is to schedule a long weekend or a week away every month possible.  

We’ve been doing this over the years and have noticed several things: 

  • We look forward to our getaways every time, no matter how basic  
  • We’ve deepened our relationship with more consistent, concentrated time between our full careers 
  • We enjoy the winter months more as it feels like a shorter amount of time to play in the snow 
  • We’re more present and confident in our work with more frequent short breaks during our busiest time of work 
  • We’ve discovered some great places to travel that we wouldn’t have without the frequency 
  • We’re better people when we interrupt our patterns and discover new people and places 
  • We return better partners, parents, and leaders when we make space 

This practice was born out of boredom and frustration.  

What dissatisfying pattern could you interrupt? 

Don’t ignore the gift your fatigue is offering you. 

Sue HawkesDon’t Ignore the Gift #872