Legacy #876 

by Sue Hawkes

Legacy is a big word. 

When I was younger and heard the word, it was in regard to older people who’d lived out some form of impressive, maybe even heroic lifetime journey only a few would be able to measure up to. 

Now in my middle years, I think of it as a life well lived each day.  

As I traveled to Ironwood to celebrate Gina Jacquart and honor her father Bob (who renewed legendary brand Stormy Kromer), I experienced a 50-year family legacy at its finest. 

What made it extraordinary was how simply profound the essence of a meaningful journey is. A simple recipe for a meaningful business and life resulting in legacy. 

The ingredients: 

  • Humble beginnings never forgotten 
  • Well cared for, meaningful relationships  
  • Persistent, value driven, hard work 
  • Willingness to learn with and from one another 
  • Do the right thing and keep your word 
  • Incredible storytelling 
  • See and seize the connections, they’re everywhere

I believe legacy is the sum of many days consistently well lived and witnessed.  

It’s the collection of many shared moments worth talking about. 

How’s your legacy? 

Sue HawkesLegacy #876