Embracing Interruptions #884 

by Sue Hawkes

 Do you have a structured work week? I do, and most of the time it helps me stay on track, ensure I’m doing all the right things to connect, fulfill my promises, and have enough space for all we couldn’t predict. Mostly, it works.   

And then, life happens.  

There are interruptions and changes. Sometimes, it’s challenging to have interruptions – you can set up the ideal conditions for focus and things happen. Many times, I don’t meet these opportunities with my best self. 

Sometimes, like this week, I had a free day happen in the middle of the week unexpectedly as a client rescheduled. It was awesome. 

What made it awesome? It was unexpected in a spontaneous way, took pressure off of my week, offered space where there was little, and allowed me to reset and make time for myself as well. 

What resulted was a better me, better results, and a more impactful week.  

When the interruptions happen, embrace them.  

Intentional Greatness® awaits. 

Sue HawkesEmbracing Interruptions #884