Top 10 Ways to Hack Negative Reactions #885 

by Sue Hawkes

When things seem complex, overwhelming, and out of control, going inward is one of my most effective responses to the moment. 

  • Time on a paddleboard makes space for peace to permeate my thinking and body. 
  • Reading allows me to expand my thinking and return to logic when emotions are high. 
  • Writing allows me to see my thinking and recognize limiting patterns. 
  • When my reaction is strong, painting allows me to express beauty when my thoughts are not. 
  • When it shows up as anger, ball slams provide a physical release for my body. 
  • Music is my medicine for mood and energy change as it sweeps over me with memories of who I am, and memories filled with joy. 
  • Envisioning what I want and what great looks like creates a picture of Intentional Greatness® for the future. 
  • Being silent and listening surrenders my ego, allowing spirit and connections to take over. 
  • Being grateful moves me from fear and lack to abundance and love. 
  • Connecting with those I love reminds me I’m not alone. 
Sue HawkesTop 10 Ways to Hack Negative Reactions #885