Where You Go, They Go #887 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s that simple.  

When you look at your relationships, do you see your results?  

It’s the quickest path to your own personal growth and professional development. When you fully appreciate people show up exactly how you are, you have everything you need. 

Feedback is available 100% of the time, if you’re willing to own what’s happening around you. 

I have a team who saw their mid-managers as lacking certain qualities and skills. They’d met with them recently and were challenged with the gaps in performance and behavior. They saw blame, lack of accountability, disempowerment, indecisiveness, and dependency on the senior leaders. 

 When we unpacked the situation, the team had to look in the mirror first. They recognized the mid-managers’ performance was a direct result of their leadership.  

The breakthrough happened when they stopped expecting the mid-managers to change and instead focused on seeing the mid-managers as their results. Said another way, the mid managers were reflecting the opportunity for the leadership team to grow.  

Let those around you show you where to grow.  

Your power is here. Accountability results.  

We all win.  

Own it. 

Sue HawkesWhere You Go, They Go #887