Second Chances #891 

by Sue Hawkes

Years ago, we were in Colorado with our family on vacation. We planned some epic events including paragliding off Aspen Mountain, attending Wanderlust and white-water rafting to name a few.  

The paragliding adventure was to make up for a two-time missed opportunity in years prior because I hadn’t done so when there previously. Of course, I had reasons, stories, and justifications as to why I “couldn’t” at the time. (None were real, by the way) 

Nonetheless, it became a nagging regret. For years, I wished I’d paraglided and thought about it often enough to recognize I’d failed in making a memory when it was available to me.  

Similarly, while realizing my paragliding dream, and cementing our chosen family’s commitment to each other, Ed Sheeran happened to be playing Red Rocks. We discussed purchasing tickets (this was a bit before he was a total phenom) and taking our family but dismissed the idea due to ____________. (Insert reasons, stories and justifications again). 

We still talk about it.  

We wish we’d have gone and created another amazing memory with our family at Red Rock. 

It’s still on our list, and we’ll need to return to do so. 

If it causes a regret, don’t wait. 

You don’t always get second chances. 

Sue HawkesSecond Chances #891