Another Level of Freedom #897 

by Sue Hawkes

I knew the minute he suggested it, I needed to do it, but I was afraid and unready. 

Shortly after I became an EOS Implementer, Gino Wickman told me he didn’t email. It was a great idea conceptually, but how would I ever do that.  

As the years have passed, and I’ve witnessed how he does it, the nagging idea of letting email go has never left me.  

This year, I made it a goal.  

As a result, I’m now email free. 

It started from a mind-blowing suggestion ten-ish years ago, moved to maintaining a zero inbox for a year and a half, and has transitioned to no email. 

It’s even better than anticipated.  

Another time grab and the best result I could hope for. 

Another level of freedom. 

Sue HawkesAnother Level of Freedom #897