Asking the Right Question #909 

by Sue Hawkes

Where’s the biggest impact? (Or what’s most impactful?) 

It’s a small question, and when you use it to filter priorities, things clarify and simplify. Too many people are afraid to simplify, worrying they’ll forget, leave things out, mistakes will happen, or balls will drop. 

There is a time for detailing descriptions, however, to focus and have the maximum impact, you must simplify. 

When you do, it allows you to move forward and let the 20% drive 80% of your results.  

You can refine forever, but accountability comes with ownership.  

Trust people to think and focus on the big stuff. 

Asking the right question first will change the pace and focus of all you’re doing. 

Prioritization matters. 

Sue HawkesAsking the Right Question #909