That’s Impact #932 

by Sue Hawkes

When you meet a wise soul, spend time with them.  

I feel honored to have been mentored and coached by some really amazing humans in my lifetime. They strike me as wise souls. Never pushing anything, always asking questions that make me think.  

Not just passing thoughts – probing, reflective thoughts. 

When they speak, it seems as if their words are more intentional, carry more weight and leave me writing to quote them. They don’t waste words or persuade, they create impact. 

One of my most recent notable quotes came from the one and only Don Tinney. Often, I’ll write down verbatim what he says. He makes me think in a deep, rich way. 

What’s amazing about his words? Even when he’s not physically there with you, others pass the quotes on within the community we share. That’s presence. That’s impact. 

This past week, he shared a quote during a tribute for a fellow EOS Implementer. It summed up so much about that person, and also resonated for me, reminding me what truly causes meaningful impact in the world.  

Don said, “Good works flow from a good heart.”  

As always, simple, clear, and powerful.  

I’m on my journey pursuing all that expands the goodness of my heart. 

Sue HawkesThat’s Impact #932