Productivity Increased #945 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever hustled to get everything done the day before you leave for vacation? 

You know, the days approaching time off are often overfull in an attempt to leave everything “in order” with as many Is dotted and Ts crossed as possible. 

It’s often a less than ideal experience leading up to what’s intended to be your blissful, fun and relaxing time away. 

As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to prepare better, spreading that frenzy over the week while easing into time off more effectively. I’ve also learned how to manage my mindset along with my time, so the experience is better. 

It’s interesting to consider how much increased productivity happens for most of us as we attempt to leave with our slate as clean as possible. 

As the saying goes, if we worked every day like we do the day before we leave for vacation, we’d probably only have to work three days a week. 

Food for thought. 

Sue HawkesProductivity Increased #945