Connective Tissue #949 

by Sue Hawkes

At a tour of the Dallas Star, the Cowboys headquarters and practice facility, I was struck by a simple statue which embodied the message they share on the tour. It says: 

“It is a privilege, not a right to play, coach and work for the DALLAS COWBOYS.” 

It prompted me to think about the state of our work cultures right now. Amidst a world of remote, in person and all that is hybrid. It’s the messy middle many of us are navigating.  

As we continue to sort out what it means to honor the spaces – literal and invisible, how can we reinforce and reinvent the connective tissue that unites us beyond the transactions? 

The statement above is a representation of who is attracted to this organization, why they’re attracted and what it means to be in the space of a 5x winning football franchise. 

You can’t take it lightly; culture is an evolving thing over the airways and in person. Instilling the bedrock of why it matters is our daily duty as leaders. 

Are you reminding them with care and attention?  

It matters. 

Sue HawkesConnective Tissue #949