Optimizing Feedback (Part 2) #959 

by Sue Hawkes

When feedback is offered, ensuring people are prepared to do it well is important. 

If those people observing offer feedback to balance and improve the outcome, it’s most helpful. The framework of working and not working is useful if you spend equal time in both categories. 

Often, people offer more ways to improve than the wins column. When offering this during a beta run on anything, it’s less helpful. Beta means we are aware it’s messy, and need broad strokes of the wins and significant areas for improvement, not the areas for mastery and finesse. We’re simply not there yet. 

Clarity of where you are in the evolution is essential when learning. You can kill the enthusiasm a person has for the work by offering the wrong feedback. 

Remember the value of feedback is for improvement, not perfection. 

Sue HawkesOptimizing Feedback (Part 2) #959