Spontaneity and Joy #961 

by Sue Hawkes

I like to plan and be efficient. When I look at my actions and patterns, I’m driven to consistently improve and simplify those things I repeatedly do. 

When we travel, we plan things and enjoy our time together regardless. 

Yet, when I reflect on the most memorable, vibrant and enjoyable times in my life, they’re almost always spontaneous.  

We wake up with no intended plans, begin with a meal and dialog, and something shows up as we talk or meander. 

We ask locals what they recommend and often get great ideas directly or as a result of the conversation. The beauty of responding and seeking out experiences you didn’t plan for allows you to be fully present, open and curious.  

The simple things we’d do at home are transformed into surprises and joyful delight when shared in a new place without any expectations walking in.  

Beware of the seduction of a completely orderly life.  

Spontaneity is an inviting doorway into joyful living.  

Sue HawkesSpontaneity and Joy #961