Help, I’m Stumped #973 

by Sue Hawkes

Some of you have asked about whether there will be a celebration at the end of 1,000 blogs. Others have asked me if I’ll continue beyond blog 1,000.  

Celebrating at blog 1,000 has got me stumped. I’m not a person who lacks ideas or reasons to celebrate, so it’s prompted some thinking for me as I’ve not come up with anything interesting.  

As I’ve considered what might make sense, I keep coming back to my reason for starting this journey: to conquer a practice I didn’t enjoy, make it a joyful practice, and stay with it daily for the duration. 

Perhaps it’s because my reasons are personal? I’m unsure. 

Knowing myself, I realized if it was public, I would be more likely to follow through than if I made the commitment to myself alone. That alone pulled me through some of the sticky times. 

I also realized when I read the invitation @sethgodin made, it sounded challenging. It has been challenging at times, and it’s also validating.  

Setting your mind to doing something with consistency, little feedback, to improve your observation skills, your discipline and commitment to following through has been its own reward on every level. 

With deep appreciation for your commitment to reading these blogs, please send any ideas for celebration. I’m stumped. 

Perhaps you’re not?  

Please share ideas. 

Sue HawkesHelp, I’m Stumped #973