It Works Every Time #977 

by Sue Hawkes

Kevin was recognized for an incredible award this past weekend. Though he won the award in 2021, the pandemic delayed the recognition of his great leadership in medicine until this year. 

It was a big deal for him, and our entire family made it to the event with his colleagues and toasted his commitment to excellence in leadership and our love for him.  

Like most of us, he prepared to deliver his acceptance speech and wanted to be sure to acknowledge everyone who’s made a difference for him along the way while ensuring he didn’t forget anyone. He intentionally and gratefully over prepared…because it mattered so much to him. 

We all have moments where we place undo stress on ourselves to ensure things turn out the way we imagine they should be. 

I’ve relearned this lesson repeatedly when preparing for a keynote or talk and offered him the reminder that works best for me just before the event.  

This works every time: No one else knows what it’s supposed to look like. Be authentic. Be you.  

He did exactly that with no notes. It was the best talk of the evening from the finest person I know.  

His heart was felt, and it was totally Kevin.  

Well-deserved and well received. 

Sue HawkesIt Works Every Time #977