Focus on Practice #985 

by Sue Hawkes

Reflecting at year end offers the manufactured opportunity to redirect yourself and your practices. 

When thinking about forming new habits, giving thought to making them easy to maintain is worth the time. Each practice forms into a habit which offers an outcome we’re seeking. We usually center our thinking on the outcome which doesn’t lead to sustaining the practice. 

We want to be fit so we think of diet and exercise. We want peace so we think of meditation. We want clarity so we think of journaling. We want to learn and reach for reading, podcasts, and classes. 

What if we took it a step or two further and focused on how to make the practice easier, simpler, more fun, and more effective to more deeply establish our practices resulting in sustainable habits?  

We’d have to shift our focus to make things easier to do with consistency over time and offer ourselves grace when we forget. When doing so, we have a greater opportunity to recommit and continue learning. 

If we can make our good practices more convenient, we have a greater chance of sustaining them. 

Said another way, find a way to make it as easy as possible to do small things well everyday and they will pay off over time, every time.  

Sue HawkesFocus on Practice #985