Applying the Learning #987 

by Sue Hawkes

Looking backward is rewarding. 

With the right lens and a discerning mindset, reviewing where I’ve been offers validation and perspective. Today I’ve chosen to review my lessons from the halfway point – 50%. 

It seems I was feisty at the halfway mark, feeling frustrated with the messy middle, yet confident I’d finish. An interesting mix of variables mid-pandemic might have colored my worldview at the time! 

I called it the “miserable middle,” and even wrote blog #499 to vent about it. Looking back, I don’t remember this pain. Hmmmm, perhaps it’s wasted energy at the moment? If I look back a little over a year from now and can’t remember, why were my undies in such a bundle back then?  

My message overall? Just keep going. It’s okay to grumble about the middle, you’re not at the end yet. That’s worth savoring. While simple, it reminds me perspective matters. When in the midst of things, it’s easy to lose sight of the end game. Don’t do it.  

My best take away was to blog in the morning and that time of day mattered for me. Food for thought as I crank this out with Holiday tunes on at 4:50pm.  

With that, I’ll begin again tomorrow, early and with energy.  

It’s good to apply my learning, all is not lost! 

Sue HawkesApplying the Learning #987