Questions to Finish 2022 Strong #991 (9 Blogs Remain to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

Do you reflect? 

To pursue Intentional Greatness®, reflection is required. If you’re reading this blog, I’m mirroring our journal to help you finish 2022 strong while also kick starting 2023 (tomorrow’s blog). 

In The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan, he illustrates the importance of reviewing where you’ve been to appreciate your progress, while also looking forward and seeing what’s possible and not yet realized.  

Please enjoy these questions to energize your progress with Intentional Greatness®. We’ve also got a gift for you in tomorrow’s blog to support your daily progress in 2023. 

If you find this valuable, please share with attribution. We’ll win together!  

  1. What am I most proud of this past year? 
  1. What new thoughts, behaviors and habits have I begun? 
  1. What was surprising to me? 
  1. What am I most excited about? 
  1. Where do I need to dedicate more time? 
  1. What was most meaningful this year? 
  1. Where did I challenge myself? 
  1. How did I define my success this year? 
  1. Where did I grow? 
  1. What did I learn? 
  1. Who impacted me most? 
  1. How did I serve others? 
  1. What relationships changed? 
  1. What did I add? 
  1. What did I eliminate? 
Sue HawkesQuestions to Finish 2022 Strong #991 (9 Blogs Remain to 1000)