Questions to Jump Start 2023 #992 (OMG, 8 left to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

As a companion to yesterday’s blog reviewing 2022, today is about imagining your best version of 2023.  

I’m offering these questions to ponder on your path to Intentional Greatness®. If you find this valuable, please share with attribution. We’re with you every day in 2023!*  

  1. What does success look like in 2023? (close your eyes to see it) 
  1. How am I going to challenge myself next year?  
  1. What do I need to learn to grow myself and what’s possible? 
  1. What area(s) of my life do I want to see the most growth in? 
  1. How will I contribute to / impact others in 2023 
  1. Who do I need to surround myself with to enhance my life? 
  1. What resources, learning and tools do I need to make it easier to maximize success? 
  1. Which relationships need to change?  
  1. How will I serve others and offer more value? 
  1. What do I need to eliminate to create space and peace? 
  1. How will I stay accountable for what matters to me? 
  1. What support do I need? 
  1. What experiences am I seeking? 
  1. What’s my first step? 
  1. Once you’ve completed #12, define the next step and repeat. 

*If you (or someone you love) want daily accountability to what you just imagined, we’ve got you covered every day for 2023. Check it out!

Sue HawkesQuestions to Jump Start 2023 #992 (OMG, 8 left to 1000)