It Just Keeps Getting Better #993 (7 to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s been an inspiring year with my clients.  

Perhaps it’s been the richness of seeing so many of them moving gracefully into their EOS lives (doing work they love, with people they love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately, with time left for other passions).  

It’s been a time of profound gratitude while partnering with a 3rd generation 100+ year old company transitioning its leadership with a legacy built on “being a little better every day, ” supporting the deep discoveries of team health with a young real estate team dedicated to making dreams come true, seeing several clients over the years double their growth financially and exponentially as a leadership team, and working through hardship with another team facing remarkable industry challenges. 

I’ve been on tours through their facilities, helped them navigate their people changes and partnership issues, hugged them through the hardships, and celebrated their immense successes.  

Witnessing others reaching for what once seemed impossible and embracing them on their journey as they make it happen is one of the most gratifying experiences I have this time of year. There is nothing better than championing what’s possible and reminding people when it’s difficult to trust themselves and the process. 

As my friend Marcus Stewart says, “don’t back down, double down.”  

Thank you Gino Wickman, Don Tinney and everyone at EOS Worldwide for the methodology to do this work. It’s brought me to tears of appreciation this year more than ever. I am grateful for all you’ve done to support me and those I touch.  

Thank you all for the lessons and learning, I’m better because of all of you. 

Sue HawkesIt Just Keeps Getting Better #993 (7 to 1000)