Progress, Not Perfection #994 (6 to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

I’m reading a great book, it’s not for everyone, but the excerpt below referencing exercise might be.   

When I think of exercise, it’s been my stress management and empowerment for years. That doesn’t mean I’m always motivated to do it. I’ve always found team sports and group activities to be more motivating because exercise is disguised within the fun of the activity for me.  

Finding the motivation for other forms of exercise can be challenging, which is why this quote from Dr. Jen Gunter is speaking my language in terms of mindset: 

“Each time I tried to talk myself out of exercising – because there are always reasons to put it off – I reminded myself that exercise is like free money. Even a little is good. This attitude also still helps me today when my workout isn’t what I’d hoped. Look, would I prefer a $1,000 gift over $100? Yes. Am I turning down $100? Nope…I could focus on the fact that ten years ago my trajectory back into exercise would have been quicker, but instead I’m celebrating my perseverance. If you’re just starting, then whatever exercise you can and will do (and are likely to keep doing) is the right one…” 

Progress, not perfection. 

From “The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism” 

Sue HawkesProgress, Not Perfection #994 (6 to 1000)