When in Doubt, Focus Out #997 (4 to 1000) 

by Sue Hawkes

I was in a preparing for a podcast with Barbara Archer yesterday and she summed up a point we were making by saying “when your world gets smaller, your problems get bigger.” 

What a profound statement.  

It proves true for me – and everyone I know. 

When we shrink our lives to reduce the likelihood of painful events, we lose scope. What was once a small thing, is now a big thing.  

I’ve found several things to regain scope, here are a few: 

  • When you feel lack, contribute what you’re lacking – it’s amazing how it returns to you 10X (when you feel alone, send someone appreciation via call, text or email) 
  • Volunteer – perspective, gratitude and joy are gained when you contribute to others 
  • Do something you love to do – most of us enjoy a lot and we lose perspective focusing on only a few things; many things we enjoy cost $25 or less 
  • Watch, read or listen to something inspirational. Hope is the foundation for action. 

What will you try this week?  

Sue HawkesWhen in Doubt, Focus Out #997 (4 to 1000)