Gratitude, Simplicity, Order #1012 

by Sue Hawkes

Gratitude, simplicity, order. 

This is my filtering recipe for 2023.  

I’m going to apply these three words in concert as often as possible to guide my thinking, decisions, priorities, and actions for 2023. I’ve incorporated them into my personal plan and also hope my team will align with them for our business this year. 

As I release a box a week (any size filled with anything), I intend for my space to become clearer, simpler, and additionally organized.  

As I apply this filter to my thinking, I intend to limit my purchasing, and refine my focus. 

As I engage with others, it will guide what I spend my time on and who I spend it with. 

As I write this blog, I’ll share the ways I’m simplifying, creating order, and appreciating the outcomes. 

If you’re enjoying this blog, please share with a friend (or several), please share a comment or suggestion, and grow with us.  

We know you’re the reason we make an impact. 

Thank you! 

Sue HawkesGratitude, Simplicity, Order #1012