Three Constants to Grow #1016 

by Sue Hawkes

When asked about how to stay informed, challenge routine thinking, and keep up with the world, I use these three resources. With all the content available, I find myself searching for those resources which inform, challenge my thinking, and deliver high value in short form on a daily or weekly basis.  

My three constants for weekly high net value for Intentional Greatness® as a leader: 

  1. To stay current in the world, I rely on the Morning Brew. I enjoy reading this daily synopsis of current events because it’s well written, witty, and it keeps me informed with a short, efficient summary of relevant, interesting events in the world in about 7 minutes. (Bonus, they have other equally great newsletters for marketing, finance, and a host of other topics) 
  1. I read Seth Godin’s blog daily. As you know, our blog was born out of his challenge to write 1,000 blogs in a row. It’s worth reading and Seth makes you think – all in under 3 minutes. I often forward, quote and use as fodder for clarity breaks. 
  1. On a weekly basis, I read James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter. Each newsletter includes 3 short ideas from James, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question to ponder. Again, great food for thought, challenges the reader to think (around effective habits), and inspires in 3 minutes per week. 

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Sue HawkesThree Constants to Grow #1016