Outside In #1019 

by Sue Hawkes

Part of my focus this year on gratitude, simplicity, and order is about changing my mindset and habits. Really everything flows from there. When I change my mindset, my new actions make sense. Peace and ease are the result. 

As my world has grown complicated and challenging this year, I’m finding joy in reducing the “stuff” of my life. When I feel like my world is more chaotic, out of control, or emotionally taxing, I find myself looking for things I can control. I’ve always been driven to clean, purge, and organize when chaos ensues. 

The good news is, I regain clarity, space, and get centered as a result. 

So far I’m 4/3 of boxes to recycle and am motivated to continue.  

Another space maker, distraction killer, and peace bringer are to unsubscribe to any lists, blogs, newsletters, and marketing materials I don’t use right now.  

As I purged both material items and 15 “lists,” I noticed the external results mirrored my experience internally.  

When your insides feel messy, consider cleaning up something around your environment. 

It makes space for the deeper work left to be done.  

Sue HawkesOutside In #1019