Rest is Care #1032 

by Sue Hawkes

Easing into the day.  

It’s not my thing. I don’t drink coffee, though I have created a practice to begin the first 15 minutes of my day with meditation, appreciation, and envisioning success for the day which I do consistently. I continue that envisioning in the shower daily and it really works for me. 

I had to learn to stay put for 15 minutes. It wasn’t natural for me. 

I wake up fully energized, and have laughed telling others I came into this world fully caffeinated. 

My clearest thinking is done in the morning. My most productive time is also early in the day.  

My family is the opposite, so when we take time off, I work to change my behavior.  

Days like today, which offer a more graceful entry. 

It goes against my nature yet places me squarely with myself and my thoughts. While I’m in the warm, familiar, comforting spaces in Mexico, I awaken early and can move outdoors into the warm morning breeze allowing Kevin the space to sleep and me the space to sit and embrace my thoughts.  

It’s not familiar to me, yet it’s the perfect adjustment for our busy lives.  

Having space to recharge, change my routine, soak up vitamin D, enjoy ourselves and the beautiful life we have is essential to having reserves for the rest of life. 

Though it’s not natural for me, I need to remind myself rest is care. 

Sue HawkesRest is Care #1032