They’re Not the Same #1039 

by Sue Hawkes

Options and choices. They’re not the same. 

Most people use the words interchangeably. They’re not the same. 

Options are what you’re relegated to when you don’t choose. 

Choice is deciding or selecting amongst everything available. You’re basing your decision on what’s available from the maximum possibilities. It’s abundant, powerful, and forward-looking. You’re moving toward something. You’re abundant, opportunities abound. 

Options are what is left when we don’t choose. As the selections narrow, our options diminish until it’s this or that – either or. It’s scarce and what’s left as you let circumstances narrow what’s possible. You’re moving away from something. It’s limited, opportunities diminish. 

Neither are wrong. 

Your experience will be vastly different. 

Sue HawkesThey’re Not the Same #1039