Emergence #1046 

by Sue Hawkes

As I contemplate changes, I also make myself pause to think, not succumbing to the immediate emotional reactions at the surface to take me in a misdirection. 

It’s been a difficult few months in my world. It’s challenging when it’s business, it’s debilitating when it’s your children.  

The roller coaster continues, and my ability to compartmentalize is waning at times, though it appears to channel well into my work where I can lose myself and my perseverating thoughts. 

Yet the thoughts return to greet me when my resilience is low and my emotions are close to the surface. 

At a deeper level, I am certain we’re progressing, and this quote finds me at just the right time.  

“Enjoy the questions because they open several doors. Forget the answers because they change all the time. We are never going to understand the miracle of life.  Isn’t that wonderful?” – Paulo Coelho 

Pause, it’s emerging. 

Sue HawkesEmergence #1046