Be Nervous, Don’t be Afraid #1047 

by Sue Hawkes

Every situation in life is transitory. 

We fall into a sort of comfort with life at times thinking it should be occurring according to our plans. When we can embrace and accept the changes with grace, we become nimble, creative, and resourceful. When we bristle, thinking life should occur on our terms, we are disappointed a majority of the time. 

As we grow, we also plateau. When we plateau, it’s critical to simplify our world and to delegate. Growth requires the patience to not work harder, but to slow ourselves to think. When we do so, solutions emerge. Running from the situation will result in doing the same thing again expecting different results.  

The only thing we truly have control over is how we respond to what happens.  

Responding (not reacting) offers an opportunity to live into the next best version of ourselves. If not, we’ll bring the same self into the next situation. 

How can we remember, right then, that it’s the challenges we face in life that give us our strength, our insight, our resilience, and our wisdom?  

Sue HawkesBe Nervous, Don’t be Afraid #1047