One Step at a Time #1049 

by Sue Hawkes

When I feel pulled between important things, competing commitments of what initially seem equally important, I pause. 

Often, I’ll call a friend, someone I trust who offers perspective and wisdom outside my current conundrum. 

I did this recently. I was conflicted between a work event I’d traveled to and needing to be home for a family commitment. It was mapped out well until the snow storm happened. With Mother Nature’s helping hand, my perfectly planned trip resulted in conflicting commitments.  

I called my wise friend Kelly Knight who offered the perfect question at the perfect time: 

“3 weeks or 3 years from now, what would you be glad you did?” 

It clarified everything.  

Simple choice. 

As I sit on the early morning plane returning home, I’m disappointed to miss my colleagues, yet grateful to navigate two or more feet of snow to be with family at a critical time as promised. 

While I’d like to have made it all work (I’m a champion at that – often at my own expense), today, I ensured the most important commitment happened with room to spare, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. 

Now I’ll need to figure out the ride home from the airport! 

Sue HawkesOne Step at a Time #1049