Embracing it All #1057 

by Sue Hawkes

I was in a room with people just like me recently. We were asked to describe ourselves and the facilitator captured our comments as we ideated.  

She worked to buff and polish our language and made it positive as many of the comments were self-deprecating, yet accurate.  

What we all shared is a maximizing mindset. It’s natural to expand opportunities, open possibilities and see the gaps wherever we go – those gaps are where the opportunities begin. We’re problem solvers who care deeply about many things, turning disadvantages into wins. 

While we were pretty pleased with ourselves as we embraced our counter cultural, misfit, unemployable disposition, we also appreciated the goodness our behaviors offer when focused. 

If you set a high bar, do things better than expected, and love being in charge of your ambitious future, you’re one of us. 

Sue HawkesEmbracing it All #1057